A few locked gates will be encountered along the Trail and some bike riders negotiate these by lifting their bikes and gear over them. However, if you intend to travel with all you gear you may wish to hire a key. There is one toilet and one campsite that are accessible only by having a key. If you intend to use commercial accommodation you may not need a key.  The one key unlocks all the Trail locks along the Trail.

A decision needs to be made well in advance if you need to obtain a key as it will need to be posted to you prior to commencing your trek.

Keys are made available to members. The hire fee is $100 and is refunded when the key is returned less an administrative fee of $20. The key can be made available by post or can be obtained near the northern end of the Trail (see guidebook). The key needs to be returned to the point it was obtained. You can include the key fee when completing a membership application (click here) or pay for the key separately if you are already a member (click here).  

International visitors see the information behind the 'Overseas visitors' button.

The key remains the property of the Tasmanian Trail Association Inc.