Devonport to Dover

Tasmanian's only long distance multi-use trail.

Tasmanian Trail

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The Tasmanian Trail passes over various types of tenures including private land. Owners and managers of the land occasionally require some alteration to the arrangement held between the parties which may result in the relocation of the line of the Trail. A change in land ownership may also affect the route.

As a result the guidebook will need updating to reflect any change and a new edition is issued whenever it is felt necessary to provide fresh accurate information to users. This may happen once or twice each year. It is therefore important that users of the Trail download the guidebook as close as possible to the start of any trek to ensure they have the latest information. Note should also be made of the updates provided on the ‘While on the Trail’ page. The date of any edition will be found at the bottom of the cover page of the guidebook. The latest edition is Feb 2022.3.

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The cost of maintaining the Trail is considerable, we are not supported financially by government and the management team is made up entirely of volunteers.

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