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7 Mile Beach Trail Ride
Venue: Monmouth Pony Club Grounds
Saturday May 10th. 2014
Cost: $30

A Ride in support of the Save the Seven Mile Beach fund raising efforts. The Ride will tour the proposed golf course and housing development sites
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Trail Riding Weekend
Venue: Bronte Park Village
May 17th and 18th 2014
Cost: $30 per day or $50 for both days

An opportunity to raise funds to maintain and upgrade Tasmanian Trail
facilities. ......read more
Replacement of
Trail locks
Due to the supplier of the Trail locks advising that the present security lock system is being phased out, new locks will be installed along the Trail this coming winter. This has been programmed to occur during the last week in June. The change will result in any key issued previously not being able to open the new locks. ......read more

It is the only long distance multi-use
trail in Tasmania. The experience
provided is recreational, cultural,
historical and nature based.

It often passes through or close
to small towns, allowing travellers
to visit local attractions while using as
little or as much of the Trail as they
like and to take advantage of local
accommodation, hospitality and
specialist services.

It offers a variety of experiences
for all – from the most enthusiastic
long-distance traveller seeking a

challenge to those interested in
a shorter, more relaxing excursion.

Those taking longer treks should be
aware that they're likely to be faced
with sudden weather changes,
water crossings, varying surface
conditions and steep terrain.
Drinking water may be difficult to
find and access to phone reception
will not always be available.
The Tasmanian Trail Association
manages the Trail through a
volunteer structure with the very
active support of community
groups, local government bodies
and regional organisations.

Because the Trail caters for bike
riders and equestrians, it cannot
traverse National Parks. It relies
on support from Forestry
Tasmania, other land managers
and landowners for its pathway.

This website has been developed
to allow users and potential
users to create interesting and
challenging itineraries – Visit
the Tasmanian Trail map, view
the regional maps featuring
recommended attractions, obtain
a Guidebook and try the
Tasmanian Trail experience!
Guidebook & keys
The Tasmanian Trail Guidebook gives users the information required to travel all, or part of, the Trail, divided into four sections to correspond with the
location and nature of the land which it traverses.
Several locked gates will be
encountered along the Trail and
a key is available to users. Detail on where keys can be obtained can be found in the guidebook.